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World Acoustic Accordion Championship 
on Live National Finnish TV
TED Talk #1: Revolutionizing the Accordion  
CPez DJ - "The Snowman"

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Who is CPez  

    Cory Pesaturo (“C Pez”) is revolutionizing the Accordion.  The only person to ever win the trio of World Championships on Acoustic, Digital & Jazz Accordion, and the only Accordion graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.  In 2017, Pesaturo became a Guinness World Record Holder, as RedBull® flew him to Austria to break the Marathon Accordion Record, in which Cory played for over 32 hours.  His performances at all 3 of his World Championships were played on accordions which were not his, and were generally 90% improvised; both aspects are unheard of in the accordion world.  Cory has given 2 TED Talks, 2 Google Talks, an EG Talk, and spoken at various other conferences on the accordion.  

    Pesaturo's extensive resumé includes appearances at the White House for President and Mrs. Clinton on 4 different occasions, starting at age 12, and 8 other appearances for the Clintons.  On one of those occasions, he became the youngest person to ever perform at a State Dinner.  Some TV appearances include the Late Show with David Letterman, performing with Johnny Depp, and Nationally televised programs in New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Tunisia, France, and Finland.  On an NYC broadcast, CNBC/FOX host Maria Bartiromo once said “No one is currently doing more for the Accordion than Cory”.  He has judged accordion competitions in the US, Canada, and Europe, in addition to other music competitions, and currently gives masterclasses at various universities throughout the US and Europe on Accordion and Improvisation.    


    For his Classical side which is lesser known, a win in a concerto competition at 16 years old gave Pesaturo the rare opportunity to perform with the Brockton Symphony Orchestra as a featured soloist, where he became the youngest accordionist to ever solo with a symphony orchestra in the US.  Pesaturo is also involved and respected in the weather and motor sports worlds as well.  He composed the Official list of records set by the record-breaking 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season, and has done reports on Winter Seasons for the US which have been featured on Accuweather & other sites.  In sports, he has written sports blogs for sites such as Bleacher Report, articles in MESH Magazine, and

has collaborated with members of the Red Sox on the Fenway 100 Album.  His music has been played on Formula 1 broadcasts on NBC, FOX, & Velocity, and additionally has an ongoing musical relationship with 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston.




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Lessons At


- 1. CPez Academy is a Private Subscription based Group which provides 2 masterclasses per month with

Cory Pesaturo on the video conference app "Zoom" which can be accessed through any device (phone, computer, tablet). 
- 2. In addition to the Masterclasses, documents and homework-like assignments will be provided to the group to continue your learning. 
- 3. Through Private YouTube videos which only members can access, these Masterclasses will be archived, so if you can not be there for the live Masterclass, you can watch it whenever is good for you! 
- 4. Masterclasses will cover aspects of improvisation for both non-improvisors and more pro-improvisors, music theory for all levels, chord changes, substitutions, how to think about theory at a quicker pace, how to utilize it, how to learns songs on the fly, etc.  
- 5. You will be able to interact / ask questions with the masterclass through the Zoom app, so it will feel like you are there with Cory In Person vs. just watching a video. 
- 6. CPez Academy is $19.99 a month and can be paid through PayPal at the Subscribe Button Right Below!  




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